[pullquote]With some makeup and other facial products, you can create your own seductive vampire look that will make you the life of any Halloween party.[/pullquote] First off, starting with a clean canvas will make this look easier to do and the details more striking.

  • Start by applying IQQU Acne Serum or similar products to clear your skin of any blemish and impurities. This helps create that clean blemish-free look. Then, cover it up with pale-colored foundation, but double the amount you would usually use on a normal day. Applying it evenly all over your face and neck, you want to create that flawless pail look that vampires have. Using a sponge, lightly dab it on your face to evenly blend the foundation.
  • Skipping the concealers, one of the goals for this tutorial is to preserve the natural shades and lines around the eyes to give that sleepless look of a vampire. Apply a translucent powder around the eyes with a brush –this will help set the foundation and prep it for the next steps. Finally, using a puff, apply loose powder all over your face to help set the foundation throughout the area of your face and neck.
  • With your face prepped for makeup, start applying some shades on your nose to create a more defined and sharper nose bridge. Smudge and blend the shade to create a more natural contour. After some shading, apply highlights on the bridge of the nose. This will complete that detailed nose bridge which vampires also possess.
  • Next, define your eyebrows. Most vampires in movies have really sharp and defined features. The eyebrows are no exceptions. Using a grey color and a brush, fill in your eyebrows with this as a base color. Follow it up with a non-black, darker-toned eyebrow pencil. If you’re having a hard time making your eyebrows even, tilt your head a little bit downwards and compare the angles using a pencil. The golden rule with eyebrows is that they don’t have to look like identical twins, but rather like siblings.
  • Using an eye shadow base, prep the eyes to help bring out the colors of the makeup you are going to apply next. Apply a good amount of base on your eyelids and gently blend it in using your finger.
  • For the eye shadows, use a rusty toned color with a soft brush to create that deep, tired, blood-shot-eyes look that vampires have. Apply this on your eyelids and gently fade it out for a more natural blend. Don’t forget to go deep inside the socket for a better shadow effect. Do the same with the lower eyelid.
  • To create more depth, add a dark brown layer on top of the rusty color. This darker shade will create the illusion of depth in your eye sockets.
  • Now with black eyeliner, rim your eyes along the waterline. Don’t worry about being too neat as you will have to smudge this out later. A tip in applying eyeliner, do not stretch out your eyelids as it will cause them to sag prematurely over time.
  • With a small brush, lightly smudge your eyeliner and make a slight cat eye on the end. Again, be liberal with the smudging. The raccoon eyes will help create that beautifully haunting look. If you did make a slight mess however, you can remove this by using a q-tip. Finish off the eyeliner using a fluffy brush to even out the edges and create that subtle blend from the black to the rust shade.
  • Apply a little black shade on the outer v of your eyelids to create an even deeper look on your eyes. For fallouts, use a fan brush to sweep them away.
  • Curl your lashes and apply a little mascara.
  • Finally, apply a burgundy or wine-toned blush along the cheekbones for a sharper look.

With your eyes and cheeks set, you can then finalize the seductive vampire look by creating a sharper and more defined lip-line. By using a concealer, cover the outer part of your lips to make the edges sharper. Take as much time as you want at this point, as this is quite easy to make some mistakes. With a brush, blend the concealer in with the foundation for a more natural look. Use a sponge if necessary.

Before coloring your lips, make the concealer set by brushing on a little translucent powder on top of the concealer.

When coloring your lips, use a dark cherry or wine-colored tone to make your lips look more voluptuous. Apply this with a brush for a more even color and for better coverage. Lip gloss is optional but will add a subtle highlight to your seductive lips.

And there you go, the seductive vampire look in just a matter of a few minutes. For added realism, you can use fake fangs to complement the look even more, and perhaps a cool-looking set of contact lenses just like the one on the video.

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