Lady Gaga has been nothing but a great pop icon since she first came out with her first few singles. Apart from having such provoking lyrics in her songs, Gaga is also known for having a revolutionary fashion sense. Go for a Lady Gaga bad romance look this Halloween season, Michelle Phan will show us how.

In the video for Bad Romance, Lady Gaga was shown having huge exaggerated eyes. While we all know it was computer generated, you can still create the same look with some makeup. First, you’ll need fake eye lashes, a wig, and large contact lenses.

In this tutorial, [pullquote]Michelle advises to put the fake lashes on first, this will make it easier to build the shape and color depth for the eyes which will come later. [/pullquote]With a thin strip of glue, attach the fake top eye lashes on. For this look, four layers of fake eyelashes will help accentuate the eyes even more.

Using liquid eyeliner, line your eyelashes and draw along the end of the fake eyelashes to make it look more natural. Also, line above the fake eyelashes to give it even more body and to make it look more defined.

Speaking of more defined details, your eyebrows should also be more pronounced but not take away the emphasis on the eyes. It should just be enough to complement the eyes. To do this, give it just enough color to have body, and keep it neatly in place with clear brow gel.

Now that the area around the eyes is prepped, it’s time to give it some depth and color. Using the same color tone as what Gaga used in her video, carefully apply some eye shadow around the hallows of the eyes, and blending the color lightly using a wiper motion.

Then, using white eye shadow, apply right above the top eyelash area, along with the brow bone, and the corner around the tear duct. This will make your eyes look more pronounced. Follow through with white eyeliner on the waterline of your eyes.

After lining your waterline, exaggerate it further by applying cream-based eyeliner near the waterline to make your eyes look even bigger. Create an even better exaggerated look by putting on fake eyelashes at the edge of where you just applied the cream eyeliner. Remember, this part of creating the look can become tricky and should be done with patience.

Finally, put on some peachy blush-on to complete the Lady Gaga bad romance look. And top it all off with a wig similar to Gaga’s and you’re set to make everyone else go gaga over your costume.

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