Flaming cocktails have become quite popular in bars and parties recently. And because you’re bringing a party to your home this Halloween, the flaming cocktails will make for a great show to go with your Halloween costumes. Here’s how you can make a B-52 flaming shot:

Burning Cocktail

By Cycosmos from Flickr.com

Halloween Blood Shot Glasses

Fooling glass featuring a inner wall of fake blood. Good for covering your cup of Vodka or other poison.


  • Kalua
  • Bailey’s
  • Bacardi 151

What you’ll need:

  • A shot glass
  • A lighter
  • A spoon


How to mix the flaming shot:

Because you want a good flame for this drink, you will want to use liquor with a higher proof. [pullquote]For this drink, the Bacardi 151 is a great choice. [/pullquote] Also, to make this shot work, you will have to layer the drinks instead of mixing them together.

First off, take the Kalua and poor it at the very bottom of your shot glass to a third of the way up. After that, layer on top of it a bit of Bailey’s. To layer the ingredients, use a spoon to allow the Bailey’s to slide down on top of the Kalua, rather than mix with it. Pour to about a little over another third of the glass.

Square Mini Cube Glasses

Square Mini Cube Glasses

Finally, pour your Bacardi on top of the whole drink the same way you did with the Bailey’s. Make sure it reaches the rim. This makes the drink easier to light up, and will also prevent the glass from breaking.

Light up your shot and there you have it, your B-51 flaming shot.

While the blue flame makes it look cool, it is still very dangerous. Some people prefer to drink it through a straw which allows them to drink below the flame. However, it is much safer if you blow out the flame first before consuming the shot.

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