The Exorcist is a classic horror flick about the exorcism of a little girl named Regan. Basically the whole story revolves around the exorcism which has become the basis of countless other film remakes (and even parodies). Not only is Regan an iconic figure in the movie industry, her looks is also a poster-perfect example of the scariest costume ever. So if you want to walk around and scare people when you go trick or treating, or perhaps rock the scariest costume in your Halloween party, this costume theme is the way to go.

Theatrical Make Up Kit

Theatrical Make Up Kit

Creating the look like the exorcist requires a little bit of skills and is not for the absolute beginner. However, if you know someone who is good with cosmetics, you can ask for their help to give you this particular look. And remember, patience is a virtue.

Basically, for this look, the following products were used: Modeling Wax Liquid Latex from MehronAll-Pro Theatrical Make Up Kit;  Mehron Pressed Powder  in Ben Nye Neutral Setting Powder120 Color Eyeshadow PaletteBasic Make Up Palettecontact lens for the eyesBlack Tint (for creepy teeth effect); Black Tooth Out Makeup.

First step in rocking this iconic look, prep your face. [pullquote]Make sure to cover up the entire area of your face and neck with foundation and use concealer to cover up your eyebrows. [/pullquote]With that done, you can start recreating Regan’s looks.

Step 1: To start with, take your modeling wax and mold some amount to create the scars on Regan’s face. Using Regan’s picture as reference, take the molded wax and stick it on areas of your face where the scars would be.

Step 2: Carefully cover up the modeling wax with liquid latex to help it set. This will also allow for the makeup to stick on to the wax after the prepping. After covering the wax, go on ahead and apply liquid latex on some areas of your skin and let it dry. This will create a dry and cracking skin texture to the look.

Step 3: After using the liquid latex, cover the entire area of your face with powder. However, be careful around the areas were the wax are to avoid moving them around or ruining them.

Step 4: Mixing your foundation with a cream makeup, use a brush to apply all over your face. This will create that hauntingly pale skin. Once you’ve covered up the entire area of your face, you will notice that the latex around your face will become cracked. This adds a great effect to the whole look.

Zombie Rotted Teeth

Zombie Rotted Teeth

Step 5: Now for some color. Apply a thin coat of red just right underneath the lower eyelid. And with your black and violet shades, alternate between them and apply them around your eyes. Blend the colors with a brush to create a natural-looking shade. In the movie, Regan’s eyes are very deep and dark. These shades will create that same effect.

Step 6: Create frown lines around the eyebrows with black makeup using a thin brush. Also, at the sides of each eye, create thin ‘crow’s feet’ to add more detail into the look. You can also use the same color but with a medium brush to create shades around the cheek bones, and the lips. These subtle shades will add more depth.

Step 7: Begin painting the actual scars with face paint. Of course, a good bloody red will do great. But for added realism, you can add a bit of black color in the center and top it off with red to create that oozing blood feel to the wound.

Step 8: Add a slight shade of pale pink to the lips for contrast.

Now that you have a look like the exorcist already, you can top it all off with even more details by using a white-out contact lens, and some enamel coloring for your teeth. For the teeth, you can use black cake icing coloring. It’s easy to get, and it’s also safe to use inside the mouth. Happy haunting!

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