Blood Door Decoration

Blood Dripping on Door Decor

Even before your guests walk in your home for the Halloween party, make them feel like they’re going in for a really good time. For this tutorial, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Door slips
  • Wreath materials
  • Tape
  • Glue

Door slips are great materials to use for decorating the borders of your doors. With this ready-made material, you can just cut them to the length you want and tack, glue, or tape them in place. Door slips or door sleeves come in a variety of designs –ranging from the perky and pretty, to the gross and macabre. They also come in either cloth or plastic materials.

To even decorate your door for Halloween , you can go ahead and make your own wreath. [pullquote]For the wreath, you can go to the nearest craft store for some extra materials.[/pullquote] But if you feel like going original and creative, you can use common household materials, and even recycle old wreaths. Or even better, you can make one using things you can find in your yard –dead leaves and twigs will definitely give your door that abandoned and decaying feel.


Door Spider Decor

Hanging Spider for Doors

When you decorate your door for Halloween,you could add to your door are bats, pumpkins, scarecrows…the list is endless. Generally however, you will want to be consistent with the theme you are going with. If you’re going for that autumn harvest look, do so by putting some subtle autumn colors and objects around your curb. If you are aiming for that haunted house feel, go on ahead and decorate your front yard with scary Halloween decorations.

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