A simple look that doesn’t require too much effort and extra pieces to complete, this cartoon inspired halloween makeup look is a great way to stand out in a crowd of zombies, ghouls, ghosts and vampires during Halloween parties. All you need is a casual dress, perhaps a wig, and some makeup to create an anime-themed look for Halloween.

[pullquote]First of all, understand that anime characters have distinct features. Two of these features are the frayed hair styles, and the exaggerated eyes. [/pullquote]For cartoon inspired halloween makeup look, you can style your hair to look like that of an anime character. But if you have a wig lying around which has anime-ish frays already -that will work too.

Now, for the eyes: this may seem tricky at first, but all it takes is some patience. If you find it hard to do yourself, you can probably ask a friend to give you a hand with the makeup.

Step 1: With your makeup kit and angled brush, slowly outline your eyebrow with black makeup. Because this will serve as the upper eyelash of the anime eye, make the outline slightly longer than your eyebrow as seen on the video.

Step 2: Using the same brush and makeup color, create a brow line for your anime eye. The first line for the eyebrow is the tricky part. However, once you are satisfied with its shape, carefully build up the line by filling it up and giving it more body. And remember that the other eyebrow doesn’t have to be exactly identical with the first one.

Step 3: When you’re satisfied with the brow line, it’s time to make the bottom eyelash. Starting a little bit below your own bottom eyelashes, draw a thin straight line which is slightly shorter than the top eyelash you drew on step 1.

Step 4: With the eyelashes and eyebrow done, you can now begin outlining the edges of the eye itself. Make two curved lines opposite each other as the edge of the eyes, and two more between them. Then, fill in the center with black –but leave a little space near the top for the highlights.

Step 5: Speaking of highlights, after filling the center with black, take a flat brush and make a solid circle on the space you left unfilled. You can use either white or yellow color depending on which shade of highlight you want. Also, to add a more authentic anime feel, make another small circle with the same color of the highlight you used –this time using the finest brush you have.

Step 6: For the final touch on the eyes, fill the space after the center with blue or green. Then, for the outer edges of the eyes, completely fill it with white using the flat brush. And with one final line on the outer edge, your anime eye is done. Now it’s just a matter of repeating the same steps on the other side.

When you’re finally satisfied with your eyes, you can add another final touch to your look by creating the illusion of having small lips as most anime characters do. Conceal your lips using Mac’s Lip Erase, and make that illusion of small lips with a pastel color makeup on top of the concealer. And viola! Your anime look is finished.

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