One of the more popular Superheroes comes from the recently released Batman movie. The Dark Knight character is relatively simple to outfit compared to many other superheroes because of the wide choice of Batman costume variations (see video), but unless you are good at sewing and gathering some cool Batman accessories to go with your outfit, you can spare yourself the trouble and get a real Batman Collectors Edition Costume

Various Batman Costumes including Robin, Masks of the Joker in Vinyl, Latex or other material. Make-Up and Wigs for the Joker are also available.

Here are lots of costumes to choose from for example the Muscle Batman Costumes and the Batman Costume that was used in the The Dark Knight (2008) which set one of the highest grossing opening weekend movie of all time in the U.S. There are also lots of Batman Masks especially from the Batman Dark Night series.

In case you have your own batman style costume any accessory will surely complement your existing attire!


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