With a much anticipated Halloween party coming right around the corner, it’s high time you begin thinking about a good costume idea. And since we’re in the subject of the movie Avatar, maybe you can opt to go as Na’Vi.

For this avatar navi makeup look, you will need to be a little crafty with some prosthetic materials. This video shows you how you can create the ears for your Na’Vi costume. As for the nose, it’s on a separate video. However, you could go for a more convenient way and perhaps look for a pre-made Na’Vi ears and nose prosthetics. It might come at a cost but it will save you a lot of time.

Skipping the prosthetics part, let’s go straight into how you can get this look going with the magic of makeup!

Using white face paint, cover exposed skin with white to make the other colors you’ll be putting on to stand out better. For this, you can use a sponge to apply white clown makeup on your face as the base coat, with which you can build the rest of the colors on.

avatarWhen the white face paint sets, you can start applying your first coat of color. Na’Vi skin is blue, so naturally you should go for a good neutral blue tone for this coat.
The shade should not be too dark or too bright. Picking a mid tone blue will allow you to add shading and highlights later on.

[pullquote]For a more realistic avatar makeup look, you may want to use several shades of blue.[/pullquote] Use darker blue for shadows, and lighter shades for highlights. Create shadows around the eyes for more depth, and highlights along the nose bridge for a more realistic feel to it. Also make sure to blend the colors properly to keep things looking natural.

After that’s done, begin to outline the iconic Na’Vi stripes with white eye liner. Then, carefully trace your lines with dark blue makeup. After having the stripes, add the dots near the lines similar to the ones on the movie. Don’t worry about being too accurate with the dots –being a bit random at this stage will make the effect look more natural.

As a finishing touch, apply white eyeliner along your waterline to make your eyes look larger, and a bit of rose lipstick to accentuate the lips a little bit. When that’s done, you can put on yellow contact lenses and Neytiri Adult Wig if you have one, and you’re pretty much looking like a true Na’Vi.

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