They said that vampires are dead and cold. But with this tutorial,[pullquote] you can make one come alive by dressing up as one really hot and sexy vampire princess. [/pullquote]For this look, it’s important that you already know how to conceal your eyebrows.


After concealing your eyebrows, start applying your foundation. Because vampires are pale-skinned, choose a cream-based foundation that is about 2 shades lighter than your complexion. Apply liberally all over your facial area and around the neck. Applying the foundation will help you create a nice and clean canvas to work on to achieve the look you are aiming for. Afterwards, blend it in further using a brush to create a smooth surface for you to work on.

Once you are happy with the way your foundation is applied, let it set by applying a coat of powder on top of it. Loose powder, packed powder, or any powder for the face will do fine. But for this video however, she is using a powder-based foundation. Pat the powder in over the cream foundation.


white eyeliner

white eyeliner

The eyes are one of the most important features in a sexy vampire princess make-up look‬. To create that dark, gothic, yet princess-like look, the eye shadows should make your eyes appear to have depth. For this look, a brown shade is used as the base color for the eye shadow.

After the brown, apply a little bit of white on the top eyelid. Using white eyeliner, fill in the area around your top eyelid with white, similar to the one shown on the video. Afterwards, add some glitter on top of the white area. By running a layer of clear lip gloss over the painted area, it will allow for the glitters to stick on to your skin. For fallouts, you can use tape to pull them off. However, you can also just leave them on your skin to add shine to your face.

black eye shadow

Black Single Eye Shadow

Using a black eye shadow, blend in some black right above the glittered area around your eyes. This will add more depth and that sleepless tone that vampires have. Also, follow through with some of the base brown shade for the lower eyelid; and some white near the tear ducts to create a continuous area for the white and glittered part of your eyes.

Finish the eyes off with liquid eyeliner at the top eyelashes and pencil your waterline. Also, because this look aims to be a little dark but, of course, glamorous, add a little hint of red underneath the eyes –and of course, fake lashes to keep it classy.


After your eyes are set, add some contours to your facial features. The concealer and foundation makes your face look very flat, and thus should be a good surface to work on for some great contours.

Start by contouring your nose. Sharp features are iconic of vampires and that should give you the idea of how you should achieve such contours. With that in mind, contour your nose to make it look sharp and distinct while keeping it natural-looking by giving it a nice and subtle blend.

black lipstick

Black Lipstick


Apply black lipstick onto your lips. However, if you want to create the illusion of fuller lips, you can use black eyeliner and top it off with the black lipstick. On top of the lipstick, use purple lip gloss to give it a nice shade when it gets hit by light, and it will also add a good shine to it.


Keeping this look as dark and gothic as possible, take a purple shade and use that for your blush. Don’t put blush too low, however. Apply it right on the sides of the cheekbones.


For this sexy vampire princess make-up look, you can opt to have no eyebrows for that Monalisa vampire effect. So you can go on ahead and put on your contact lens and fangs. However, if you do want eyebrows with this look, use a brush to apply a liquid liner and create a high arching brow line similar to the video.

And there you have it! Now all you need is some Gold Roll On Glitter, fangs, and a fancy gothic dress to really get that vampire princess look going.

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