This look might be tricky to do on yourself, however, it doesn’t say it’s not possible. But if you want to make leopard eyes, try this out, it would be better if you asked a friend to volunteer for you as a model. But anyway, since it’s almost Halloween, [pullquote]this look will be a fresh and unique break from the usual monsters, vampires, and zombie costumes we normally see in the season. [/pullquote]So how do you go about making this look? Let Jordan show you how.

  1. First of all, prep your eyelids and lower eyelash line with primer and by using a concealer brush to apply it. Not only will this help make the pigments stick longer, it will also prevent your eye shadows from cracking and creasing.
  2. Using a shadow brush, create subtle shading over the brow bone using a sheer gold shade.
  3. Apply a flame-toned orange shadow from the eyelash to the edge of the eye sockets using a large or medium-sized brush.
  4. Blend the two shades with a middle tone or a shade which is somewhere between the orange and gold (in this video, he used a coral shade to create the subtle gradient from orange to gold).
  5. Using a smudge brush, apply a gold shadow along the lower eyelash line.
  6. With a liner pen, apply it on the upper eyelash only.
  7. For the waterline inner rim of the eyes, you can use a bright pencil liner to line the lower eyelash line.
  8. Apply a good amount of mascara to give the eyelashes more volume and contrast.
  9. This is the fun part: after all the base colors are done, you can then start doing the actual leopard spots using a liner pen or sanitary brush. A good rule of thumb for making the spots is to start from the inner part with small dots, and work your out by doing parentheses shape dots and squiggly-looking circles. You don’t have to be precise since natural patterns are usually imperfect and unique.

Now that you have your leopard eyes done, you can take it a notch higher by creating cleaner and darker eyebrows. This will accentuate the eyes more. False eyelashes will be great too but are optional. And finally, find a good bright shade of lipstick to brush on the lips to complete the look and add more contrast and accent.

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