If you’re not exactly the type that goes over-the-top with costumes, this little tutorial is for you. You might have seen lip art in fashion magazines and commercials but probably not for Halloween fashion lines. Fishnet lips aren’t exactly the first things that come to mind during Halloween, but [pullquote]this simple addition will definitely go well with any Goth-themed get-up. [/pullquote]So here’s how to create fishnet lips:

First of all, you’ll need to have a good eyeliner, fishnet stockings, concealer, powder, and pigment. After gathering these, you can start creating your fish net lip art.

The first step is creating a background for your bright pigment. To do this, take your eyeliner and completely fill your lips in with black. This dark base color will make your pigment stand out even better. Once you have completely blackened your lips with the eyeliner, use your concealer to sharpen the edges of your lips. Take your time during this part and be as patient as you can to avoid putting on too much or too little concealer.

Black Eyeliner Pencil

Black Eyeliner Pencil

After the concealer, let it set by putting a layer of setting powder on top of it. By putting on some powder, the concealer will blend with your skin tone more naturally.

For the actual fishnet part, take your brush and lightly dampen it with water to easily pick up some of your pigment. You want your pigment to have a nice consistency to it, similar to that of paint. Then, lay out your fishnet over your lip and make sure it doesn’t move around too much. And, with the brush, dab your pigment over your lip. The area not covered by the strings on your fishnet will be completely filled with pigment, leaving some areas which are black which creates a crisscrossing pattern like that of your fishnet. And finally, it’s just a matter of doing the same process on the upper lip.

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