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Lighted Hanging Ghost for Yards

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Inflatable Ghost Decoration

There are a lot of awesome ways that you can do to decorate your house. And if you want to get very creative, you can do that too by making your own Halloween House Decorations instead of buying ready-made decors from the store.

For this tutorial, you’ll need the following:

  • Polymer clay
  • A pasta or dough roller
  • An oven
  • Tea lights

With these materials, you can easily make a lot great of a Halloween House Decorations. First off,[pullquote] you can make your own ghost light.[/pullquote]

To do this, take your polymer clay (any brand will do, however, it has to be a translucent color or it won’t work quite as well) and flatten it out using the dough roller. After that’s flattened out, drape it over a form or mold. Make sure your mold is safe to put in the oven. A good mold you can use is a small to medium-sized cup-cake mold.

Vampire Animated Prop

Hanging Vampire with Wings Prop

Halloween Wall Decor

Halloween Wall Decor

After draping it on top of a mold, bake it in the oven for less than 12 minutes at high heat. And once that’s done, draw a spooky face on one side and put it on top of a tea light.

This little ghost light is perfect on top of coffee tables or the countertop to make your common areas feel very spooky during the season.

With this same concept, you can also wrap your polymer clay over a glass and color it with very spooky designs, or with traditional Halloween themes. Again, stick a tea light into your glass-shaped form and see it glow.

To make an even better impression, make several of these along with your ghost light and spread them all over your living room.

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