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Lighted Skull Décor

Glow in the dark: Lighted Skull for Pathways

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Ghost Light String Set

Can science be creepy? Yes, of course! Believe it or not, there have been horror movies and stories that involved a lot of scientific experimentation which resulted into very scary outcomes. But no, you can forget about making your own Frankenstein with this tutorial, and no there’s no mutant centipede involved here. What we have however are simple Spooky Halloween Ideas you can use to help decorate your home for the coming Halloween season.

You can use iGlow Hair Gel if you want to paint your face or something else. You will also need a good black light which you can get in your Halloween supply store or in the lighting department of your hardware store. So for this, you will need a good black light which you can get in your Halloween supply store or in the lighting department of your hardware store.

lighted skull

Lighted Skull

black bulb

Black Bulb for Pathways

Skeleton that Glows in the Dark

Lifesize Skeleton that Glows in the Dark

The black light will help anything neon colored glow bright in the dark, while the black light itself will give off only a faint violet glow. Also, anything that has chemicals in it which react to ultra violet light will definitely glow under the black light.  So here is a list of common things that glow under black light which you can setup around the house:

  • Tonic water, if you don’t already know, is fluorescent. It will glow when shown under the black light. What you can do with tonic water is freeze it and make ice cubes out of tonic water. Then, add this to your favorite fizzy drinks and serve it on a table that’s under the black light.
  • While this next item isn’t edible, it’s good to have around to add some more glowing things for decoration. Atomic glow works much like food dye, however it’s not edible. But, when mixed with any liquid, it will glow when shown under the black light. If you put some in vials and laboratory containers, you can make your house feel like the lair of an evil scientist.

    Pumpkin Glow In the Dark Fangs

    Pumpkin with Fangs that Glow in the Dark

  • Still using the atomic glow, you can use this along with some silicone polymer to create glowing eyeballs. Silicone polymers are like little marbles, but when soaked in water, they can bloat to more than three times their original size. What’s even cooler about it is that you can soak it in water that has been dyed with atomic glow, end they end up like glowing, gooey eyeballs under the black light.

Now with these creepy Spooky Halloween Ideas, go on ahead and decorate your house for this Halloween season.


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