It can get pretty frustrating brainstorming for adult Halloween ideas because of the plethora of options out there. Come Halloween night though, everyone will probably be sporting their scary and deathly costumes. So why not go against the flow and try to be funny instead of scary. Bring out your quirky side with these funny costume ideas.


  1. Crayola Crayon Adult CostumesCrayola Crayon Adult Costumes– Who hasn’t used Crayola Crayons when they were kids. Bring back those memories with these awesome crayola dress up costumes. Bring color and fun to your next Halloween party. These outfits come in 12 different colors and shapes. If you are a male, you can avail of the Crayola Box Costume.

These costumes are available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. The Crayola Box costume is available in a size that fits most adults. Recommended accessories: Ella Shoes, Black Hot Pants, Baby-doll Shoes, Eden Mary Jane Shoes, Control Top Pantyhose, Glitter Green Flat Shoes, and Black Pump Shoes. The accessories would depend on the color and design of the Crayola costume you pick.


Male Inflatable Ballerina Adult Costume

  1. Inflatable Ballerina Adult Costume – Go crazy with this hilarious inflatable ballerina outfit that features a purple leotard, golden tutu and fan. If you DON’T want to be the center of attention at at the Halloween party, DON’T buy this costume!

The inflatable costume is available in a size that fits most adults with heights ranging from 5’ to 6’ tall. Recommended accessories for this outfit are a pair of Judy Sequin Red Shoes and a Star Wand. More of these Blow Up outfits can be found in our Inflatable Costumes section.


  1. Comical Chicken CostumeEXCLUSIVE!! Comical Chicken Costume – Speaking of funny Halloween costumes, this Special Chicken Mascot outfit is the BOMB!!! This mascot chicken costume is made from lightweight materials so comfort and mobility is not a problem at all. A hat and shoe covers also come with the outfit. This is a costume that could last for years and could also be very functional in funny shows and other events.

This outfit is available in a size that fits most adults. Recommended accessories when wearing this costume are a Kold-Vest, a Kold Kollar with Ice Insert, and a Mascot Bag.

  1. Mario Deluxe Adult Costume– Everybody loves Mario. You can get all that love by wearing this Mario Deluxe costume. It features a pair of blue overalls, a red long sleeve shirt, white gloves, a red hat, and of course the iconic thick mustache.Check out more Super Mario Outfits for a great Halloween.

This is available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large. Recommended accessories: Loafer Shoes, Face Painting Makeup Disguise Stix, and White Gloves.

  1. Ghostbuster Adult CostumeGhostbusters Adult Costume – Drive the ghosts away come Halloween with this Ghostbusters jumpsuit that comes with an inflatable plastic proton backpack. Relive the  Blockbuster movie hit Ghostbusters and let’s go on a green slimy monster hunt!

This Ghostbuster costume is available in size Adult Plus (fits size 46-52 jacket size). The regular size  (fits up to Size 38-42). Recommended accessories: Loafer ShoesGreaser Wig and Round Santa Glasses.





  1. The Muppets Adult OutfitsThe Muppets Adult Costumes – Going out on a costume party with some friends? Then this ensemble of Muppets costumes would make for a perfect group costume idea. You can be Ms. Piggy, or Kermit, or The Muppets Waldorf Overhead Latex Mask, or Gonzo, or The Count, or Big Bird, etc. Become the Muppets family.

These Muppet Costumes come in varying sizes depending on the particular costume you pick. Each Muppet outfit also has its own set of Muppet Accessories.




  1. Vegetable Adult CostumesAdult Vegetable Costumes – Food costumes never disappoint to impress when it comes to costume parties. Take this pea costume for instance. It features a Green Pea Bodysuit and a stylish Cornelius Corn Mascot. Also Check out the Green Giant Vegetable Costume a sure hit!

These Vegetable Outfits are available in a size that fits most adults. Recommended accessories: Glitter Green Flat Shoes, Professional Tights, and Face Painting Makeup Disguise Stix.




  1. Funny Chicken Adult CostumeAdult Chicken Costume– What is it with all these chicken outfits? Go chicken-crazy this Halloween with this assortment of fun chicken costumes. You can become a funky Chicken, a rooster, a comical chicken, a robot chicken, a roscoe rooster, or even the chicken economy. We recommend you to check out more Funny Chicken Outfits.

This Chicken Outfit comes in varying sizes depending on the costume of your choice. Each costume also comes with its own accessories.




  1. But Mommy, I Don't Want To Grow Up Adult CostumeBut Mommy, I Don’t Want to Grow Up! –  Adult Costume– Everyone at the Halloween party will be rolling on the ground once they see you wearing this unique costume ensemble. This outfit includes a double dress suit, scarf, baby bonnet, inflatable legs and torso, and an old lady mask.


This hilarious outfit is available in size Adult Standard. Recommended accessories: Mary Jane Platform Shoes and Knee Hi-White.




  1. Pizza Slice Adult CostumePizza Slice Adult Costume – Take Halloween to a whole new level with this really wacky pizza slice costume. This outfit comes in the form of a pepperoni and mushroom pizza slice tunic. Costumes don’t get any funnier than this.

This Pizza Costume is available in a size that fits most adults. Recommended accessories: Loafer Shoes, Men’s Pants, and Face Painting Makeup Disguise Stix.


For more adult Halloween ideas check out our other costume idea sections.




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