The Halloween season is here. It’s again time to start brainstorming for unique costume ideas. Speaking of unique outfits, below is a [pullquote]A selection of ancient Egyptian Costumes that will surely make heads turn this Halloween. [/pullquote]The following 8 Egyptian costumes are inspired by the attires of old Egypt.

1.Egyptian Costumes -Pharaoh Adult Costume Pharaoh Adult Costume – If you’re going to dress up like an ancient Egyptian, turning yourself into a Pharaoh is the perfect idea. This Pharaoh costume comes complete with a full robe, a golden belt, and of course a matching gold and black Pharaoh headpiece. Speaking of Egyptian costumes for men, this outfit is the perfect choice.
We also carry the Pharaoh Plus Costume which includes a long white tunic with blue stripes at the bottom, an Egyptian gold collar with Egyptian accents, matching gold belt and a fabric headpiece with blue stripes and gold band.

This is available in one size that fits most adults. Recommended accessories – Max Adult Shoes and Black Makeup Stick.


2. Egyptian Costumes: Egyptian Queen Adult CostumeEgyptian Queen Elite Collection Adult– This Egyptian fancy dress fits not only a Queen but a Goddess as well. This beautiful costume features a white-colored satin gown with a split front design. It has a zipper in the back and it also includes a two-tone shimmer fabric drape. Subjected to light, the drape can sparkle from rich teal to glistening gold. This Egyptian dress comes with a gold sequin belt with a mini-apron attached, a collar, and a headpiece adorned with faux jewels.

This is available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. Recommended accessories – Starlight Adult Shoes, Control Top Pantyhose, and Queen of the Nile Wig.




3. Egyptian Costumes - Jewel of the Nile Adult Costume Jewel of the Nile Elite Adult Costume– The Egyptians wore glamorous dresses back then. This Jewel of the Nile costume will bring such glamour back. Featuring a long, white fitted gown with golden trim, this is an elegant piece. The costume also includes a drape, a gold belt, and a headpiece beaded with gold.

This is available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. Recommended accessories – Egyptian Princess Wig, Professional Cake Eyeliner Pan, Lipstick, and Control Top Pantyhose.



Egyptian Costumes - Playboy Cleopatra Adult Costume

4. Sexy Cleopatra Costume Adult – You can’t talk about ancient Egypt without mentioning the beautiful Cleopatra. Cleopatra was regarded as a great beauty in the ancient Egyptian world. Turn yourself into a Cleopatra this Halloween by taking on this elegant ensemble. This Cleopatra dress is composed of a white halter, skirt, a jeweled collar, a belt, and a long gold cape.

This is available in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large. Recommended accessories – Gold Sequin High heel Adult Shoes, Snake Asp Armband, and Control Top Pantyhose.




5. Egyptian Costumes - Egyptian Man Adult CostumeEgyptian Man Adult Costume – This manly Egyptian costume is fit for a king. It comes complete with a blue tunic featuring a golden trim. The costume also includes a gold belt with an attached drape, armbands, and of course the iconic King Tut headgear.

This is available in sizes Medium, Large, and X-Large. Recommended accessories – Roman Sandals, Black Makeup Stick, and Death’s Dagger.






6.Queen of the Nile Wig Adult Costume Queen of the Nile Wig – This wig will help you perfect the Jewel of the Nile, Egyptian Queen or Cleopatra look. You will never be an Egyptian Queen without the signature mane.

There are also other Egyptian Wigs which you can combine with different Egyptian Costumes.

These are available in a size that fits most adults. The recommended accessory for wearing a wig is a Wig Cap.



Mummy Costume7. Egyptian Mummy Adult Costume– Of course, the Egyptian tradition is never complete without the mummies. That said, this mummy costume is the likely choice if you want to instill fear with elegance this Halloween season. This dress mimics the appearance of mummy wrap cloths. It also includes a collar, a belt, and a headpiece.

This is available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large. Recommended accessories – Egyptian Princess Wig, Control Top Pantyhose, and Sexy Adult Shoes.




8. Mummy King Adult CostumeEgyptian Costumes - Mummy King Adult Costume – This outfit is the male version of the Mummy Queen Adult costume. You can pair the two to make for an awesome Halloween couples costume. This male outfit features a hooded robe, a sash, boot tops, and an eye mask.

This is available in size Adult Standard. Recommended accessories – Mummy Torso, Adult Monster Hands, and Spartan Sword with Scabbard.

If you are planning to do Egyptian costumes this Halloween, any of the outfits mentioned above will be a great pick for an Adult Halloween Ideas.


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