Looking for Halloween Couples Costume Ideas? If you’re going to a costume party with your partner, it can get pretty difficult looking for adult Halloween ideas that cater to couples. That said, below are more than 15 great costume ideas for couples that you might want to check out.

  1. Lion JumpsuitMacho Lion Adult Costume  Safari  So Goodie Adult Costume– This is the perfect costume ensemble for couples who wish to convey some jungle fever into the air. The full lion costume is complete with a lion hood which features faux fur and ears, a shirt with paws and muscle chiseled chest, matching pants, and a plush tail. Let’s get that safari Halloween party going!

Both Lion and Safari costumes are available in size Adult Standard. Recommended accessories for male costume: Loafer Shoes and Makeup Kit Family Faces. Recommended accessories for female costume: Thomas Boots, Gun Cowboy, and Control Top Pantyhose.


  1. Safari Adult Lady Costume + Jungle Jane Sexy Costume– This dazzling Adult Safari Costume comes with a shirt and shorts with safari pouches and a matching safari belt. Have your partner wear the  Adult Safari Outfit for a fun and great couples costume look. While the Jungle Sexy Jane Costume has a woven fabric with wide, raised sturdy ribs. A shirt with an adjustable tail hem. A nice Safari Hat together with a comfortable safari shorts with panther paw prints. The boots and the whip can be ordered separately.

We also advise you to check out some great Safari Prop Decoration ideas to make your Wild Halloween party a definite hit.



  1. Mr and Miss Scissorhands Adult CostumeEdward Scissorhands Adult Costume + Miss Scissorhands Adult Costume  – Become the beloved other half of the iconic Edward Scissorhands in these costumes. The female Scissorhands dress features leather embellishments and attached sleeves, a pair of gloves with attached faux scissors, a wig with curls, a leather belt, and a choker necklace. The Edward Scissorhands outfit consists of a black jacket with belt straps and faux buckles, gloves that turn your hands into scissors, and a black wig to give you that unique artificial film look.

These Scissorhands Costumes are available in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large. Recommended accessories: Easy Boots, Double Layer Petticoat, Wig Cap, Edward Scissorhands Makeup Kit and Xotic Eyes Midnight Eye Kit.



  1. Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead Adult OutfitMr. or Mrs. Potato Head Deluxe Adult Costume – Get a good laugh out of everyone by wearing these Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costumes. Become the perfect potato couple. Mr. Potato features a tunic with detachable eyes, nose, moustache, and mouth. Mrs. Potato also has a pair of flaming red lips and an additional hat.

This couples outfit is available in One Size Fits Most Adults. Recommended accessories: Loafer Adult shoes, Men’s Pants, and Giant Cartoon Hands.



  1. Adam and Eve Couples Adult OutfitAdam and Eve Adult Costume – Become the first couple to ever inhabit planet earth with this pair of Adam and Eve outfits. These flesh toned jumpsuits feature green leaves covering the most appropriate places. They also include a pair of leaf headpieces.

Both outfits are available in size Adult Standard. Adam costume can fit into men who are up to 180 lbs. Eve costume can fit into women who are up to 109 lbs. Recommended accessories: Roman Sandals.



  1. El Toro The Terri Bull Male Adult CostumeEl Toro The Terri Bull (Male) Adult Costume – Become a Matador Couple this Halloween by wearing a Lady Matador outfita bolero-style jacket with traditional ric-rac trim, an attached cape with red satin lining, a black cap, matching striped pants and a coordinating vest. You can wear this costume with your other half wearing the Bull outfit with black hood with attached horns, nose with bull-ring, black velvety shirt and matching pants also come with hooves, and a plush tail to complete an awesome and stylish couples costume. If the Lady Matador wishes to dress in pink we have got a great Pink Lady Matador Costume.

These costumes are available in size Adult Standard. Recommended accessories: Loafer ShoesBabydoll Adult Shoes and a Yellow Cowbell.



  1. Plug and Socket Couples Set Adult Costume – Show everyone why you are meant for each other in this Plug and Socket costume. It also comes with its own cord. What’s more, the plug can actually fit into the socket. What’s not to like in this? The outfits are made from lightweight durable fabric so they are as comfortable as can be. Adult Halloween ideas seldom get as creative as these.

Both costumes are available in sizes One-Size-Fits-Most-Adults, Large, and X-Large. Recommended accessories: Black Pump Shoes, Loafer Shoes, and Costume Gloves.



  1. Bad Barbarian and Cavewoman Adult CostumesCave Stud Adult Costume + Cave Cutie Adult Costume – Show everyone why you are a couple nobody messes with. Look bad and tough in this cool Barbarian and Cavewoman adult costume idea. The Barbarian costume includes a plush tunic, a leather belt, and plush leg warmers. The Cavewoman costume on the other hand features an animal print dress with a leather corset and suede underlay.

The Barbarian costume is available in sizes 1X and 3X. Cavewoman costume is available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. Recommended accessories: Indian Side Lace Adult Boot, Necklace Sabre Tooth, Cave Club Jumbo, Brown Fringe Shoes and Control Top Pantyhose.




Star Trek Adult Costume9.  Star Trek Costume – Movie buffs will definitely love this costume. And who wouldn’t love the Star trek movie series? If you are a big star trek fan, this costume is perfect for you. Dress up as  a Star Fleet security officer in a red dress. This short sheath dress features three quarters length sleeves with a gold band on each cuff, a black trim low cut neck collar, along with a printed Star Fleet emblem. Steel all the Star Trek officers’ hearts on board the USS Enterprise!





Star Trek Guy Adult Costume10. Star Trek Guy Costume – A perfect match for the Star Trek Fleet.  For that guy who wants to go where no human has gone before. Get a highly detailed and durable costume that will last you more Halloweens. For an added fun, ask your friends or partner to come as star treks or other characters from the movie. This is a Star Trek Next Generation costume  witch includes the characteristic red and black shirt with fine insignia details and a Star Fleet communication device. You will be  highly respected in your Star Fleet uniform.






Hot Scotty Adult Costume11. Hot Scotty Adult Costume 

  1. Rovio Angry Birds: Red Angry Bird Adult Costume + King Pig Adult Costume – Bring out your geeky side with this pair of costumes inspired by the popular Angry Birds game. Both King Pig and Red Angry Bird outfits feature a foam pullover as well as a pillow pouch in case you need to add more stuffing. All Rovio Angry Birds Costumes are available in Adult Standard sizes. Rovio Angry Birds Adult Costumes

Any of the above costume couples ideas will make you and your partner stand out from the crowd. Please vistit our other sections for more exciting adult Halloween ideas.


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