It’s almost Halloween again and it’s that time of the year to come up with some great Sexy Police Costume Ideas for men and women.

I’m sure once in your childhood you wanted to become a cop to catch robbers, chase speeders, and just generally enforce the law. Or perhaps you also wanted to be a superhero, or an awesome movie character from your favorite movie. Relive your childhood dream this Halloween by dressing up as your favorite character from your childhood. Here are a few costume ideas with extra twists to keep things fresh:


Lady Cop CostumeLady Cop:
Rather subtle and less revealing, this costume is perfect for the cop lady who wants to keep it hot and classy at the same time. The long skirt gives this look a more class while the top and the fishnet stockings give it a touch of hotness. Rock out this look by going with a 50’s pinup girl look and it’s all good. Perhaps a Katy Perry-ish look would do the trick?

This particular costume comes complete with accessories such as toy handcuffs and belt. It is also constructed with high quality materials to make sure it lasts for more than one Halloween. This set come in small, medium, large and XL sizes to fit any woman’s shape.



Sexy Arresting Officer CostumeSexy Arresting officer:
Another cop costume for the ladies, this arresting officer costume will really get lawbreakers want to go to jail. This blue ensemble is cop-themed and comes with the hat. To complete this look, you might want to pair these with some leggings and a good pair of boots.

As for the feel of the costume, don’t worry about tearing as this costume is made of stretchable material and will hug your body pretty well. It will stretch whichever way it needs to stretch to fir its wearer.

This ensemble comes in standard sizes: Small/Medium and Medium/Large.


Officer Oliver Adult Costume Street Officer Oliver:
Ladies just dig a man in uniform. So why not dress up in a uniform and book those misbehaving ladies in the party?

This cop costume comes with a button-down shirt and a badge for that authentic look, along with some handy handcuffs, a baton, belt, and a name badge that reads “Officer Oliver Clothesoff”.  And of course, it also comes with a very cool cop hat to complete the look.

Coming in various sizes, this costume comfortably fits medium to XX-large sizes. However, make sure to check the sizing measurements for a better reference.


Swat Commander Costume:
Swat Commander Adult CostumePerhaps one of the coolest jobs out there is to be part of a SWAT team. But for those of us who only dream of the kind of life they’re having, the most we could do is dress up like one this Halloween.

This costume set comes with a zip-up vest which has multiple pockets for other accessories; royal blue shirt, knee pads, and a pair of fingerless gloves. Pair these with black cargo pants and Super Hero Boots and you’ll probably fool the people at the party.

Known to have a good fit, this costume set is just so fun and easy to wear you might just want to enroll in SWAT school with it.


Strip Search Officer Costume:
Strip Search Officer Adult CostumeWho says you can’t play the good-cop-bad-cop game? Just because you’re not a cop, doesn’t mean you can’t dress like one on Halloween. This costume assumes you the role of a bad (perhaps naughty is more appropriate) cop.

This ‘Strip Search Officer’ costume will definitely be a party hit especially if you stand by the entrance and frisk the other guests.

For this costume set you’ll get a button-up shirt complete with an attached tie, name patch, and a logo patch.



Police Man Adult Costume

Police Man Adult Costume:
Police men have always been cool. These authorities maintain peace and order in an area. They have been portrayed in countless movies as rescuers and back-up men. With this costume, you can look just as a reputable police officer.

This costume comes with a navy blue Lycra shirt with a black tie, badge and patch, navy blue shorts with front zipper and belt, police hat and handcuffs.

The sizes is available in small, medium, large and XL. Look cool with this classic look and wow the ladies at the party.



Strip Search Officer Tara:
Strip Search Officer Tara Adult CostumeMake the other guests tear their clothes off and strip with this ‘Tara U. Clothesoff’ Strip search officer costume. Make the party go wild by coming to the party wearing this lovely outfit.

Comes complete a dress that has been styled with detail so that no one will refuse you for a pat-down. A deep neckline, a cute tie, embroidered patching, belt, and name tag –this dress will make heads turn.

This costume is available in small, medium, large, and XL.


Lt. Dangle Adult CostumeReno 911 Deluxe Lt. Dangle Adult Costume:
They don’t call him ‘Dangle’ for nothin’! Shimmery authentic looking highway-patrol-type shirt and shorts with cargo pockets, with complete fine details with silver-tone buttons. Included with this cop costume is a shiny gold star badge and a fancy black cop’s utility belt.





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