We understand how tedious a season Halloween can be. With trick or treating for the kids, to the decorating of the house and the front porch, and on top of that you have to choose your own costume for that Halloween party you’re hosting or coming to. So we’ve put up some costume ideas you might like to make it easy for you.


Purple-Green Grapes Adult Costume

Purple/Green Grapes Costume:
Want to get whacky? This costume will definitely give you a whacky look. Come to the party as a bunch of grapes! That’s right! This Grapes Costume will definitely garner some laughs pretty easy. This costume will get you a tunic, balloons, and hood. To complete this look, get it along with the giant cartoon hands and tights.

Made with very durable materials, this costume is no joke (speaking of quality that is) and will fit most males and females. And according to the manufacturer, allow yourself about 45 minutes to completely inflate all the balloons. This costume also comes in green. Ask your best buddy to come with you as the green grapes for the extra laughs.




The Dukes of Hazzard Adult Boss Hogg CostumeBoss Hogg Costume:
Feel like going BIG on this year’s costume?
Now you can definitely go big with this Dukes of Hazzard Adult Boss Hogg costume. This fat suit is perhaps one of the quirkiest things we have in store and will just look funny on skinny people. Imagine coming to your party as 10 sizes larger than you were yesterday –that will surely get the laughs crackin’. This one size fits all costume comes in a complete suit with a striped tie. The package also includes a fan and battery pack which will require 4 AA batteries to operate.

Inflatable Highlander Adult Costume



Beetlejuice Inflatable Adult Large Shoulder Costume: Coming off the Big Boss fat suit, here’s another imposing costume. This inflatable Beetle Juice costume is a great big suit variant and will surely get a lot of attention. Costume includes a large protruding jacket with an attached shirt and pants. Make-up and shoes are not included. Beetlejuice Officially Licensed product.

Jabba the Hutt Inflatable Adult Costume



Jabba the Hutt Inflatable Costume:
He’s definitely a character to remember –Star Wars fan or not, if you watched the movies, you’ll know who he is. This Jabba the Hutt costume comes complete with a head piece, body and tail, and battery-operated fan to inflate this costume while you’re wearing it. This is a licensed Star Wars costume and fans will totally geek out on this costume when you get to the party.
For the added kicks, ask your friends to come along as other Star Wars characters.

Tony Montana Inflatable Gun Adult Costume



Tony Montana Inflatable Gun:
Scarface –easily among the most iconic movies of all time! And who could ever forget someone as bad-ass as Tony Montana? This licensed Scarface product is a great addition to your costume selection. While some might go for a more realistic approach when dressing up like Tony Montana for Halloween, you can put a quirky twist to your Scarface costume by carrying this inflatable Tony Montana gun. If you don’t have a suit to go with this gun yet, our store also has a Tony Montana suit ready for purchase and is a great addition to your Halloween costume collection. Also try the Bullet Holes Tattoos to show off your battle wounds at the Halloween Party.

Ollie Ostrich Inflatable Adult Costume



Ollie Ostrich Inflatable Adult costume:
Feel like riding an ostrich to the party? Here’s a cool self-inflating costume for you to wear. This comes complete with a safari hat, an ostrich suit, and a battery operated fan. Don’t worry about having trouble walking or sitting with this costume on. This is actually a very comfortable costume to walk in, sit in, or even dance and run in if the situation calls for both. It’s easy to wear too! Just slip inside, and turn on the fan and you’re good to go.



M&Ms Red Poncho Adult Costume M&M costumes:

I love M&M’s! And I love the red and yellow M&M’s mascot! The two are just a great mix of cool, awesome, and chocolate goodness. This inflatable costume is a great mix to the party, especially if you come with a partner. The two of you can rock out as the yellow and red M&M’s and put the coolness in any Halloween party.

This one size fits most costume comes only with the M&M suit and a battery powered fan. Pants, shirt, gloves, and batteries are not included.


sumo wrestler


Inflatable Sumo Wrestler:
If sumo wrestling is your thing, but you’re not quite one of the plus-sized out there, this costume is for you. This inflatable sumo wrestler suit might not convince anyone that you are actually fat, but it makes for a great laugh and life your next Halloween party. This is easy to wear and is very lightweight (after all it’s just air) so you don’t have to worry about lugging around a heavy costume to the party.

Just slip right in and make sure everything is snug, turn on the fan, and watch as the costume inflates.




White Inflatable Baymax Costume:baymax_costume
Similar to the Ollie Ostrich costume, this rubber duckie rider costume is also a funny costume to wear if you intend to make people laugh. Self-inflating, it comes equipped with a battery-powered fan which must stay on for as long as you’re wearing the suit. While this is a person in a swimsuit riding a rubber duck, it might not be a good idea to take this costume into the water. But you can be sure that this costume is safe around the buffet table and the bar.



Inflatable Adult Size Body Suit in various colors:

Inflatable Costume

Inflatable Adult Size Body Suit












Male Inflatable Ballerina Adult Costume

Inflatable Ballerina Adult Costume – Go crazy with this hilarious inflatable ballerina outfit that features a purple leotard, golden tutu and fan. If you DON’T want to be the center of attention at at the Halloween party, DON’T buy this costume!

The inflatable costume is available in a size that fits most adults with heights ranging from 5’ to 6’ tall. Recommended accessories for this outfit are a pair of Judy Sequin Red Shoes and a Star Wand. More of these Blow Up outfits can be found in our Inflatable Costumes section.

Get your halloween ideas and costumes right here at adulthalloweenideas.com. For more costume ideas, feel free to browse through our collection.




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